The Snowball Effect

You never know the significance of something until you see its potential. Many times, small things appear insignificant and may be ignored. It is the ability to look beyond the current size and see what could be that is intriguing.

Great things start from small things. The small things grow and gather momentum with time. A small crush can lead to marriage which can lead to the creation of a new generation. A word of encouragement can inspire one. The one you inspired with your words can inspire thousands who in turn inspire others. All it took was reaching one person.

We need to change our perspective on what success means. We often look at success in numbers. We may think that if you have influenced only one person, you were not successful because you did not influence 100 people. If you were only able to talk to one person instead of a thousand, the effect is insignificant. That is a lie. One person is still an audience. One person can change the world. One person can make a difference in a generation. All from one person. Reaching one person, inspiring one person means that you have influenced their belief system and their mindset. If this person has the ability to pool 1000 people who are influenced by the same beliefs and ideals, guess what, you have influenced 1001 people by extension. There are some who are called to inspire individuals who will change the world. In your opinion, is one insignificant? To me the answer is NO…. Success starts with taking the first step, reaching one person. Great speakers started by speaking the first word. Great writers start by writing the first word. As long as you can influence someone be sure that your presence will be felt by others. The snowball effect, another measure of success…..

Be blessed.

Dr Kiria Koigi

An aspiring Obstetrician and Gynecologist in pursuit of her dreams.

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