Stationed Strategically

Hi all. Great to write another post. Strategy is a good thing. The ability to plan ahead, to predict the possible outcomes rigs the outcome to your favour. All of us are strategically placed by God to influence others to Him. God has his agents placed in different areas of life. Your position in the society or in life may not necessarily be a deterrent towards fulfilling the call of God on your life. You may be tempted to think that if you are not famous, or have a title or the most educated or have anything that makes you stand out from the crowd, then you will never have influence. You may be volunteering and you say something that influences someone’s life for the better or towards God. As long as you are at the centre of His will, know that you are strategically placed for His purpose.

Have a fantastic week.


Dr Kiria Koigi

An aspiring Obstetrician and Gynecologist in pursuit of her dreams.

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