Speak Out

Speak Out

There are times you may find yourself shying away from speaking your mind in a group setting, at work or in social gatherings. Questions may linger in your mind, “What will they think about me?’, ‘Will I look like a fool?’, ‘Am I good enough to contribute?’, ‘Will my ideas be rejected?’ The more one allows these questions to flood their mind, the more damage will occur on their self esteem. Meditating on intoxicating thoughts only does harm. You must dwell on thoughts that encourage or inspire you to action. Brush off all the negative thoughts and know that you have something to say. Your voice needs to be heard. Your ideas need to be articulated. You have important contributions to make in the society. Silence is a double edged sword that can protect you or serve as a tool that robs you of the opportunities that would have arisen had you had the courage to speak out. Speaking out reveals your thought processes; your capacity to reason and speaks volumes about who you are as an individual. You may have ideas that can help others or open doors for you but you may never know because the untapped potential that you have lays dormant. Every time you fear articulating your issues, know that it is a missed opportunity that could have propelled you further ahead in life. So, speak out. Do not shy away from contributing your ideas.

Dr Kiria Koigi

An aspiring Obstetrician and Gynecologist in pursuit of her dreams.

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