Kick Start…

What comes to mind when you think about motivation? To motivate is simply having the impetus to move to action. Having the persistent desire to achieve something or helping someone sustain the desire to achieve what they want to achieve. The motive behind motivation is the inspiration to action in the hope of achieving the desired tangible result. It takes objective and deliberate movement to see your dreams crystallize into reality. It takes lots of energy to overcome the inertia of complacency and to gather momentum to start moving towards your dreams. You have to overcome the initial resistance to start something in order to keep the ball rolling. Things such as fear, discouragement and other factors can prevent you from moving in the direction of your dreams. But, the energy that you use to push through all those negative factors that are enemies of progress will give you the initial momentum to keep the ball rolling towards your dreams. That’s probably why you may hear someone say that the hardest part of doing anything is starting. Hey, after overcoming the initial resistance, the rest is pretty much direction and correction of any deviations towards the goal set. Kick the ball, keep it rolling to the desired goal.

Dr Kiria Koigi

An aspiring Obstetrician and Gynecologist in pursuit of her dreams.

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